La Sociedad de la transparencia

La Sociedad de la transparencia - Byung-Chul Han - Herder
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No other slogan now dominates public discourse as well as transparency. According to Han , who refers only to corruption and freedom of information , unaware of its importance. This occurs when the trust is gone and the company is committed to monitoring and control. It is a systemic biopolitical no moral or coercion , an economic imperative . Things become clear when expressed in the size of the shed price and uniqueness. Society of transparency is a hell of sameness .

Google and social networks , which are presented as spaces of freedom, have become a big panopticon , the prison envisioned by Bentham in the eighteenth century , where the guard can secretly observe all prisoners . Transparent client is the new inhabitant of this digital panopticon , where no community but unable Egos accumulations of common action , politics, a we . Consumers are no longer an outside who more


Book: La Sociedad de la transparencia

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