La Tartamudez

Naturaleza y tratamiento

La Tartamudez - Alberto Rodríguez Morejón - Herder
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The reader will find this book an updated view of the complex and multidimensional problem of stuttering, with the latest knowledge on the subject as the most advanced techniques for treatment. All this from an open perspective, far from exposing only the author's approach, analyzes the contributions of other recognized experts in the field. The book covers two perspectives: To provide a close approximation of the progress to date scientific research has given in recent years about the nature of stuttering and different treatments to address it. Pose a very practical approach to the disorder, so that clinicians are in the book concepts and tools to understand, evaluate, decide on possible interventions and implement them. Aimed at professionals in speech pathology, psychologists, students and all those who want to approach a problem in the unknown past and on which topics are still more



Book: La Tartamudez

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