La Vida en una escuela no directiva

Diálogos entre jóvenes y adultos

La Vida en una escuela no directiva - Rebeca  Wild - Herder
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Develop an alternative education project requires the continued cooperation between teachers and parents. In 1977, Mauricio and Rebeca Wild founded the center "Pesta" non-directive school in diverse environments that were created for the development of children and youth. To facilitate a better understanding of this proposal, in the Pesta spaces for dialogue remained to place the work in the context of today's world and foster intergenerational relationships between different household members_x000D_

This book documents, in addition, an in-depth series of dialogues conducted during a year when we reflect on the experiences gained during the existence of Pesta and preparing the transition to a more comprehensive educational project.


Book: La Vida en una escuela no directiva

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