Las cien vidas del filósofo Sócrates

Las cien vidas del filósofo Sócrates - Yan Marchand - Errata Naturae
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Errata Naturae
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Soft cover

Citizen! When you open this book push the doors of a fair city where the ambitious little guy and charlatans have their days, if you're able to find one. Who will be your guide through the streets and hallways? Who will it be? Socrates! Did you think I was dead? No way! Socrates is the philosopher of hundred lives: his reincarnated soul has traversed the centuries in the tiny body of a fly in a stray dog or a willing prisoner of finding the exit of the cave in which they have done prisoner. Perhaps today, in your own town, Socrates could be born again ...


Book: Las cien vidas del filósofo Sócrates

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