Las Creencias y la educación

Las Creencias y la educación - José María  Quintana Cabanas  - Herder
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This book is original. It is not religious education but pre-religious education, ie general orientation of the person in question of belief. The author defends the need for each person to raise the meaning of life and form a worldview that, in a reasonable and open, his existential needs respuyesta deep. In the play, this issue is addressed from philosophical and anthropological bases, based on current and classic authors. The book provides a thorough philosophical analysis to substantiate these postulates. The argument begins with the classics and continues with the modern. The book is short and synthetic, but written with great philosophical rigor. In this sense interest not only to educators but to all people in general, in that almost all are concerned about these issues and works have no guidance. The educational part is just the latest chapter. In the same address the more


Book: Las Creencias y la educación

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