Las escaleras de Chambord

Las escaleras de Chambord - Pascal Quignard - Galaxia Gutenberg
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Galaxia Gutenberg
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Edouard Furfooz, a forty-six-year-old man, is passionate about tiny things. Collect for the whole world everything that fits in the hand of a child. In Rome, Tokyo, Paris, London, Edouard Furfooz buys and sells old toys, dolls, miniatures, all precious and executed in noble materials. Her love life is as fluctuating as her daily life: from airport to airport, from woman to woman. But a diffuse memory colonizes his life, that of a schoolmate girl whose memory fails to recover. What did you live in your childhood that dominates you in such a way? Is it because of you that you detest any noise, including music, and you always prefer silence? Is that why he has a perpetual impression of cold that takes him to shelter even in summer?

On the stairs of Chambord, Pascal Quignard demonstrates once more his mastery of the story, his sense of time, the dialogues, the secondary characters, more


Book: Las escaleras de Chambord

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