Las Vacunas

Medicina convencional y medicina naturista

Las Vacunas - Georg  Kneissl - Herder
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This book helps anyone who wants to learn about the pros and cons, potential benefits, risks and alternatives to traditional vaccination system. The author, Georg Kneissl, is a physician specializing in general internal medicine and pediatrics and, while it is naturopathic doctor. At your consultation, which has successfully treated thousands of people with chronic diseases in an innovative integrated traditional Chinese medicine with alternative methods, such as homeopathy. His double training and a long and consolidated experience allow you to analyze in detail the subject of shots from both perspectives and to facilitate the interested reader, as well as professional, a good guidance on this complex subject._x000D_

The book's central thesis is that the real culprit of our diseases is not the microbe against which the vaccine, but the environment in which it falls. The more


Book: Las Vacunas

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