Lecciones de amor

Doscientas respuestas acerca del amor, sexo y la pasión.

Lecciones de amor - Francesco Alberoni - Gedisa
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"Love is the greatest form of happiness, but we know recognize, understand and maintain. I dedicate this book to all those who feel in their hearts the desire of love, to those that are already living those who feel nostalgic about it, because it is important to understand what we feel and express with words and the right concepts: know how to speak , knowing talk about love. The purpose of Lessons of Love is help you live a happy love. Naturally, taking into account sex, eroticism, the various forms of pleasure, the similarities or differences between men and women, various forms of love, from infatuation to crush true that fades quickly. A thorough and complete examination. In order to express simply, I have chosen the most elementary narrative form, question and answer. The two hundred questions I have collected over time have been made to men and women, young and old, Italian and ...read more


Book: Lecciones de amor

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