Los alimentos funcionales

Nuevos alimentos para un nuevo estilo de vida

Los alimentos funcionales - Angeles Menendez Patterson - Trea
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Functional or "designer" foods promote a physiological or psychological effect beyond their traditional nutritional value, containing nutrients or other components that affect target body functions (such as growth and development in early childhood, regulating processes metabolic, the nsa defe against oxidative stress, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal physiology or cognitive, mental and physical condition) yields .The functional foods and natural foods are modified or a combination of both possibilities may contribute to the maintenance of the state health and welfare or to the reduction of risk for a particular disease. In addition, a food can be functional for the general population or for particular groups population.The increasing consumption of these foods should be framed in the context of a developed society and increasingly longevaque largely exceeded their basic material n...read more


Book: Los alimentos funcionales

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