Los Arcanos mayores del tarot

Los Arcanos mayores del tarot -  Anónimo - Herder
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In these meditations, a pious Christian thinker of undeniable integrity and reveals to us the symbols of Christian Hermeticism in its various levels, mysticism, gnosis and magic-using cabalistic science and certain aspects of alchemy and astrology. These symbols appear in the so-called major arcana of the ancient game of cards known by the name of taroco or, more commonly today, tarot. The author is in the plane of the deeper wisdom, so universal, the Catholic mystery. Recall, first, that such attempt is not unique in the history of Catholic thought, theology and philosophy, find it strange that many readers believers today. The ancient biblical wisdom and Christian struggled at first against any fatalism in the name of sovereignty and freedom of God against all cosmic powers, without denying the existence of secondary causes of earthly order used by Providence to direct the course of...read more

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Book: Los Arcanos mayores del tarot

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