Los blancos, los judíos y nosotros

Los blancos, los judíos y nosotros - Houria Bouteldja - Akal
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Forged in political militancy, Houria Bouteldja's is a lively, pointed voice. Its strength comes from discontent, from discomfort in the face of a world that affirms itself in racial exclusion and that has exercised colonialism
—Ideological, economic and political— on the new generations. Her "we" is not a universalist us,.
we are not all mentioned (we will say, in paraphrase to the text).
This book can be read as a decolonial manifesto for the 21st century or, more specifically, as an invitation to revolutionary love, which does not belong to romanticism, but to justice. This is a call to decolonize the world, to recognize that the privilege of the few is built on the oppression of the many. While it is true that Houria writes from her context as a Franco-Algerian thinker, she does so from her own experience, in the racially segregated neighborhoods of Paris.
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Book: Los blancos, los judíos y nosotros

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