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Isabel García Adánez has found a precise voice for Thomas Mann in Spanish. The success of his magnificent translation in 2005 of The Magic Mountain was overwhelming: reports and praiseworthy reviews in all the media, the Quixote Prize for Best Translation of the year and the novel, after so many years, placed back on the lists of the best sellers Now, with the publication of The Buddenbrooks, Edhasa continues his mission to recover Thomas Mann and offer the reader the final editions of his work.
When Thomas Mann was only 25 years old when he decided to follow the advice of his editor and move from the stories to write a novel. So he explained it to Otto Grautoff in a letter:
"Fischer has repeatedly expressed in his letters the desire to publish a major work of mine in prose, a book that could market it better than a volume of stories, I had not believed until now that I wo...read more



Book: Los Buddenbrook

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