Los Cinco rangos del maestro zen tosan

Los Cinco rangos del maestro zen tosan - Shinichi Hisamatsu - Herder
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The core of the Zen Buddhist tradition is awakening. But what is the real awakening? The Chinese master Ryokai Tosan conceived in the ninth century the so-called Five Tosan Ranges, one of the classical orientation in the way of Zen Buddhism and a great help for that insight._x000D_
This treaty aims to elucidate how they relate to the five ranks with other schools and Zen Buddhism in general. And even beyond what may have contact points with the theology and Western philosophy as interpreted by the School of Kyoto._x000D_
When one is located in the position of the Five Ranks, fades misunderstanding about the teaching of Buddhism as mere nothingness and indifference.

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Book: Los Cinco rangos del maestro zen tosan

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