Los diferentes modos de existencia

Del modo de existencia de la obra por hacer

Los diferentes modos de existencia - Étienne Souriau - Cactus
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Étienne Souriau (1892-1979) was a renowned professor of aesthetics at the Sorbonne. In The Different Modes of Existence (1943), the artist's experience that dialogues with an unfinished work but that already exists by itself, becomes the key to a cosmology. Because everything, a work of art, a philosophical concept, a scientific object, but also a rock or a table, and ourselves, already exist but unfinished, halfway, as in twilight. All existence then demands an effort, demands a "process of instauration", and therefore requires an art. Souriau says that his book is offered as a "grammar of existence" for that "art of existing". The modes of existence are the elements with which the works-existences are made: phenomenal, reic, imaginary, possible and virtual elements, together with the passages of each other, and the events. And they do not unify into prefabricated wholes - there is n...read more




Book: Los diferentes modos de existencia

ISBN: 9789873831201