Los hermosos días de Aranjuez

Un diálogo estival

Los hermosos días de Aranjuez - Peter Handke - Casus Belli
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Casus Belli
Year of publication: 
Tapa Blanda

A man and a woman, in the intimacy and beauty of a summer afternoon, speak of love, of the first time, exchange intimate memories, happy or unhappy, in a garden that is like the first garden, seeking to revive that which in love, even in what may be trivial and even hard, exalts man and woman to the level of kings and queens ... or gods.
This dialogical text —sensitive, profound and of a fascinating writing— testifies, as almost always in Handke, an exceptional attention to the world, to nature, to the almost imperceptible and inseparable signs of the mysteries of life, of love.


Book: Los hermosos días de Aranjuez

ISBN: 9788493922061