Los jóvenes y las pantallas

Los jóvenes y las pantallas -  AA.VV. - Gedisa
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For most young people, popular culture is the place from which to make sense of their identity. In this regard, the media and new technologies are critical in shaping new forms of youth sociability. Also, the popular culture is heavily involved in negotiations intergenerational (parents and children) both by differences in media practices, such as the significance of each generation grants to cultural property. Youth identity marks today seem clear: go in a group, have a sociability of "band", have fun, meet the latest music, watch television programs they see others receive calls on your mobile phone and surf the Internet. These are precisely the axes in relation to young people and this book explores screens: cultural consumption of the new generations, forms of youth sociability and the role of school at this particular and new cultural universe. Among other questions, the authors ...read more


Book: Los jóvenes y las pantallas

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