Los obreros contra el trabajo

Los obreros contra el trabajo - Michael Seidman - Pepitas de calabaza
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Pepitas de calabaza
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Epilogue Jorge Montero, Federico Corriente
This book is a comparative study of the social and political history during the Spanish revolution in Barcelona and the Popular Front in Paris during the period 1936-1939, and focuses on the attitude of the workers of both cities to work when organizations that sought to represent governmental responsibilities exercised greater or lesser extent.

The result of research conducted by Michael Seidman in Paris, Barcelona and Salamanca in the early 1980s and first released in 1991 in the United States, workers against labor abounds in documents and first-hand information about everyday working class struggles and it shows that the productivist and culturalist approaches are unable to adequately cover key aspects of the behavior of the working class. This volume offers a review of the working activity in both revolutionary and reformist...read more

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Book: Los obreros contra el trabajo

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