Luz sobre el yoga

Yoga dīpikā. La guía clásica del yoga

Luz sobre el yoga - B.K.S. Iyengar - Kairós
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Light on Yoga is the book that for the first time brought Yoga to the great Western public. Since its appearance, it has become a classic and its author has been recognized as the most internationally respected and loved Yoga teacher.

Thanks to Luz sobre el Yoga, tens of thousands of people have learned to make Yoga an essential part of their daily lives. This complete large-format edition has been specially designed for easier use. It will undoubtedly remain the essential guide for anyone interested in Yoga, from the beginner to the more advanced practitioner.

Light on Yoga includes:

- An introduction to the philosophy and practice of Yoga.

- Detailed descriptions of more than 200 positions.

- Techniques to quiet the mind through breathing exercises.

- More than 600 photos illustrating postures and breathing techniques.

- A 300-week more


Book: Luz sobre el yoga

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