Manual de grafoanálisis

Manual de grafoanálisis - Augusto  Vels - Herder
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Graphology is a relatively modern science reveals the data, features and characteristics of the person, providing a radiographic diagnosis of our intellectual capacity by which the individual can know from their depressing or aggressive stages, to its maximum capacity of understanding . Hence the importance that their study in today's society need to learn every day more precisely the qualities of the person psychosomatic.
This book is a help text and consultation for the realization of grafodiagnóstico. With the method Vels of Graphoanalysis , started by the author in 1949,

Sought to lay the groundwork for a more scientific graphology that isolates all Mancia, entertainment lounge and amateurism own people without adequate psychological basis, plunged to give performances, taking the signs as a kind of cookbook lacking kitchen measuring ingredients and no indication of more



Book: Manual de grafoanálisis

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