Más allá de la escritura

La consumación litúrgica de la filosofía

Más allá de la escritura - Catherine Pickstock - Herder
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Beyond the writing is a very interesting meeting point between contemporary philosophy and Catholic theology. In it, Catherine Pickstock points out the guidelines for liturgical restore order through a detailed reading of Plato's Phaedrus, the medieval Roman Rite and a discussion of the theology of the Eucharist. Pickstock's founder, along with John Milbank and Ward of a new trend in theology, called "radical orthodoxy", which aims to rediscover the transcendent and the sacred through a critique of nihilism, so fashionable in academic culture, and Pickstock say that leads directly to a sort of "necrophilia". Its major finding is to establish a fundamental connection between the right understanding of the liturgy and philosophy from a very critical dialogue with a wide range of philosophers from Descartes to Derrida. Catherine Pickstock's perspective on the Liturgy has attracted the at...read more


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Book: Más allá de la escritura

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