Más allá de uno mismo

Más allá de uno mismo - Giorgio Nardone - Herder
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Is it possible to go beyond our limits and obtain extraordinary results? Can talent be cultivated with care and perseverance?

Overcoming one's limitations exerts fascination and yearning. Hand in hand with psychology, neuroscience and strategic brief therapy, Giorgio Nardone and Stefano Bartoli confirm in this work that it is possible to improve and overcome personal characteristics by working on resilience and determination, flexibility and adaptability .

This book is not intended as a collection of magic recipes, but rather as a guide to help bring out the best we all have. As a result of applied research and many years of experience in Strategic Therapy, the authors present a rigorous method that involves effort and frustration, but which, if followed carefully, reserves great personal and professional satisfaction


Book: Más allá de uno mismo

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