Más fuerte que el odio

Más fuerte que el odio - Tim Guénard - Gedisa
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The hopeful testimony of Tim Guénard has caused a huge stir in France, where it has sold more than 300,000 copies of his book. His name is Tim Guénard and this book is the story of his life. It has taken years of silence and love to say almost everything. He has lived what counts in these pages. This book is therefore not a novel but vigorous -crudo testimony, enternecedor- life of a wound by a terrible fate. Tim was a child with the heart and mangled face. An ugly duckling. At age 3, her mother tied to a electricity pole and leaves in the woods. At 5, her father gives him a brutal beating, which disfigures. Treated at the hospital in which he entered to begin a long rehabilitation, barely able to speak. At seven, he enters an orphanage suffer institutional abuse, contempt, emotional isolation and ends in the "House of Fools". In the reformatory, he learns to fight. In a world governe...read more


Book: Más fuerte que el odio

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