Medio siglo contado con sabio humor

100 editoriales de El Ciervo

Medio siglo contado con sabio humor - Lorenzo Gomis - Herder
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Lorenzo Gomis journalist wrote editorials in The Deer for almost half a century (1958-2005). He wrote elsewhere, especially in La Vanguardia, but where was the Stag took care of "the important things." His articles are an account of the 50 and 60 in Spain, not easy for journalism. Had to write of freedom between the lines, but surprisingly it could be said with some irony and mischief. Then came the transition had to get serious and put up provocations and terrorism ends. With democracy came other concerns: unemployment, corruption or Europe. The world is not out of these articles of important things from the Vietnam War, John XXIII or the moon landing to the 11-S. There is no better word to make a tour of our recent history.

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Book: Medio siglo contado con sabio humor

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