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Microlitos - Paul Celan - Trotta
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The facet of Paul Celan as a prose writer was hitherto little known. Both through his readings, which are reflected in his poems, for his translations of prose, it is known however much interested to Celan this genre since the beginning of his literary activity. But although there was in him the desire to write prose fiction, did not reach the completion and publication of works of a certain size. Apart from a narrative text presented himself to the public, only released aphorisms, closest to the poems in extent and style. All other prose published by him within the scope of the poetological writings.

This edition combines all the prose written by Paul Celan and preserved in his legacy. First shown a Celan creator of prose that corresponds more to the reader and translator with the image that he transmitted his few publications as a prose writer. The corpus gathered here is he...read more


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Book: Microlitos

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