Mística y psicoanálisis

El lugar del Otro en los místicos de Occidente

Mística y psicoanálisis - Carlos Domínguez Morano - Trotta
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The mystical phenomenon appears as a universal constant in all religious formations. In our days, there is also the novel claim of a "profane mysticism" that would take place outside the margins of religion. But, apart from the fields of theology and spirituality, it was psychiatry, psychology, and later psychoanalysis that showed the greatest interest in the mystical experience.
The irruption of intense affective experiences, sometimes accompanied by special phenomena such as visions and revelations, made us think that the denied dynamisms of consciousness found in this type of experience a unique opportunity for expression and recognition. The regressive, insane, or propulsive and beneficial character that the mystical experience could entail was and continues to be the subject of heated controversy.
But, beyond the clinical question, the mystical phenomenon appears as a...read more

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Book: Mística y psicoanálisis

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