Mitos griegos

Mitos griegos - Friedrich Georg Jünger - Herder
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In this book explains the Greek myth from a scientific or philosophical nor symbolic or allegorical. Friedrich Georg Junger tries to understand them in their sensory expressiveness in his corporeal sharply defined, assuming the face value and exactly what has been transmitted. Through the poetic interpretation of the myth comes an image that seems so plastic and alive as Greek sculptures. Therein lies the novelty and originality of this fascinating journey through ancient Greece. The work is structured in a manner architecturally, as the myth itself. Therefore, the first part is cosmogonic, ranging from Chaos to the fall of Prometheus. The second, the theogony, forms the center, the world of the gods. And from there the road leads to the heroes, because they arise only where there are gods and are therefore imbued with a divine halo.


Book: Mitos griegos

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