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Mitóxix -  AA.VV. - Paraíso Perdido
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Paraíso Perdido

The project began as an open call for new and amateur writers who wanted to learn new poetic perspectives through a Mexico-Spain poetic collaboration with Proyecto Genoma Poético.

The primary objective of Mitoxix was not only to transmit the passion for poetic writing and to encourage the creative process, but to provide useful tools from professional perspectives that would direct the taste for the genre towards a grounded passion. The workshops, coordinated by Samantha Saavedra, were a key piece to achieve this development.

To teach them, writers and professionals with different profiles were considered, with the purpose of showing a small range of the poetic world, its techniques and styles.
The participants that appear in this edition are those who stayed from the beginning to the end. Five did it remotely and three in person.

The process took three more


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