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Driven by the pressure of a single word, "continue" Moriendo comes to mean the end point and the culmination of a search that over more than thirty years and nine books (of which Moriendo is the last) he has led Roger Laporte (1925-2001) to probe such a peremptory way in condition that a writer can write that has allowed him to talk about the creation of a new literary genre: "I wanted to invent a new genre: I have called biography with or without quotes. The biography is to be invented in literature. By biography I wanted to create much more than a genre, operate a silent but radical revolution that would lead not only the author but also the reader beyond literature. "The turnaround that here arises is to convert the writing into pure and simple life.

With Moriendo, Roger Laporte writes biography. What kind of bet is made when the writer intends "to write biography"? more


Book: Moriendo

ISBN: 9788495897398