Nada a la vista

Nada a la vista - Jens Rehn - Machado Libros
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Machado Libros
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Using a precise, almost clinical style that simply sets off the subtle mechanisms of intrigue, "Nothing in Sight" tells the story of two enemy soldiers drifting in a small boat during World War II. . Originally published in 1953 and rediscovered in recent years as an undisputed classic of German literature of the last few decades, "Nothing in Sight" is one of the best war novels (of any war) and a powerful anti-war statement.

"We can never insist enough that 'Nothing in Sight' should not, cannot be forgotten: not only as a document of contemporary history, but as a work of art."
Marcel Reich-Ranicki,
"Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung"

"Rebellious, cynical, brilliant."
Gottfried Benn

"Hypnotic and relentless."

Siegfried Lenz


Book: Nada a la vista

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