No podéis servir a dos amos

Crisis del mundo, crisis en la Iglesia

No podéis servir a dos amos - Bernardo Perez Andero - Herder
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According to the author of this essay , we live in a world bankrupt within a sociopolitical and historical organization that is coming to an end and refuses to disappear . The globalized , post-modern and late capitalist world, has squandered the enormous reservoir of resources and human capital has squandered unconsciously, with the sole purpose of increasing the rate of profit and profit, these benefits have been only for a small part of humanity , while the vast majority is excluded .

Therefore urges a transformation of thinking and understanding the world , and the Church has much to say and do in the way that the human being has to go. This institution can not serve two masters, if it serves the world leading to unnecessary deaths of millions of human beings will become an accomplice of evil and legitimizing injustice, if it serves God , implement his whole being in the more


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Book: No podéis servir a dos amos

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