Nuevas miradas sobre la resiliencia

Ampliando ámbitos y prácticas

Nuevas miradas sobre la resiliencia -  AA.VV. - Gedisa
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We live in a society characterized by profound social changes that lead on numerous occasions to uncertainty, which sometimes makes us look unresponsive. Resilience involves not just coping, but what is more important, a transformation, learning, growth, which goes beyond mere resistance to the difficulties. In these pages Resilien-cia as multidimensional addresses, so it is also necessary to know the attributes, features, columns, resources and potentialities of individuals, families and communities, the dynamics between emotional, cognitive and sociocultural factors that allow resilient responses, and depending on the circumstances which have occurred. But even more, it is necessary to understand how to generate this framework that enables the social construction of resi-liencia response to the challenges currently facing society in a globalized context and led by virtual more


Book: Nuevas miradas sobre la resiliencia

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