Obra completa. Libro IV / vol. 1

Libro IV / vol. 1

Obra completa. Libro IV / vol. 1 - Walter Benjamin - Abada Editores
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The translation of this book is part of a project of more comprehensive and deeper issue: the translation into Spanish for the first time, the most complete edition of the works of Walter Benjamin. Despite the enormous quality and influence of Benjamin's work, it has only been translated from the Spanish partial and fragmentary way, leaving much of it still unpublished in our language. This edition, which will feature a total of 11 volumes, is made from that published in Germany by the prestigious and essential Suhrkamp Verlag (Walter Benjamin, Gesammelte Schriften), by Rolf Tiedemann and Hermann Schweppenhäuser, in collaboration with Theodor W. Adorno and Gershom Scholem. The reader will have in their hands a book that is thus part of a whole, with which it shares uniformity in translation and standardization of terms and concepts; the reader will no doubt appreciate how benefits fro...read more



Book: Obra completa. Libro IV / vol. 1

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