Obras completas Georg Büchner

Obras completas Georg Büchner - Georg Büchner - Trotta
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The complete works of Büchner fits into a small volume, however, is among the most outstanding and original works of world literature. Evidence intellectual maturity unusual: Büchner's work is the brilliant work of those who have been intellectually intuited and grasped the essence of his time and has developed literarily in a way that preserves full force.

The circumstances were initially unfavorable for proper dissemination of the work, but since its discovery has had a profound and lasting effect. Kafka attended him with intimacy and pleasure; one of the few authors admired by the author of The Metamorphosis. Wedekind influences, Expressionism? Who considered him as his predecessor program? and Brecht.

The richness of underlying nuances is what gives the work of Büchner its high literary value. His steely social criticism and his militant humanism make further imperishable.

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Book: Obras completas Georg Büchner

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