Oh, corazón ardiente

Poemas de amor y de disidencia

Oh, corazón ardiente - Thomas Merton - Trotta
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You can not understand the figure and work of Thomas Merton without the knowledge of his poetry. Merton needed to put voice to what does not fit into words, and for that flow was not enough the course of prose.
The relevance of his poetry is that establishes a continuous dialogue with the world, thus becoming heir not only of the Old Testament biblical tradition, but also a broad stream of complaint. The poems of love and Merton dissent manifested as creation but also as political action as untimely and liberating voice in their hypotheses and evocations, metaphors and correspondences.
This bilingual anthology collects a wide selection of poems written by Merton between 1940 and 1966, reflections of finding redeeming love that counted at the same time, among the most powerful tools of subversion.

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Book: Oh, corazón ardiente

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