Pensar la religión

Pensar la religión - Eugenio Trías - Galaxia Gutenberg
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Eugenio Trías consecrated his life, body and soul, to the sacred flame of philosophy, certain that this vocation of youth was intended to bring us closer to the world we have lived in, to the enigmas and mysteries that surround human existence. In Thinking Religion, written just after The Age of the Spirit, this imperative need to approach the religious phenomenon from the very essence of reason flaps. Despite being written years before the attack on the Twin Towers, Trías was always clear that religions were the original and original nucleus of what we call "culture" and that any intercultural conflict would be motivated by the religious question. Few contemporary thinkers dared to challenge the rationalizing and rationalistic paradigm of our time with the clarity of Eugenio Trías. Hence lies the extraordinary validity of his proposal, which invites us to "think about religion" more


Book: Pensar la religión

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