Perlas sufíes

Saber y sabor de Mevlânâ Rûmî

Perlas sufíes - Halil Bárcena - Herder
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Mevlana Rumi (1207, Balkh, Afghanistan -1273, Konya, Turkey) is one of the peaks of universal spirituality. Inspiring School of Sufi whirling dervishes, known for their circular dance, Rumi is author of many poetry in Persian language which derives from the joy of the unitive experience with God.

Sufi Halil Bárcena pearls collected in this volume, in direct translation from Persian, constitute a kind of anthology of knowledge and taste of the Sufi master. Reflect the cardinal aspects of his spiritual philosophy, whose commitment is to show humans the way back to your lost and forgotten identity: Centre which everything emanates and nothing departs. Each of these beads is accompanied by a commentary that only aims to approach the thought of Rumi and invite us to make our own meditative reading.

This edition includes twenty calligraphies that recreate, with a style more

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Book: Perlas sufíes

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