Poetas hebreos de al-Andalus

Poetas hebreos de al-Andalus - Ángel Sáenz-Badillo - Herder
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Andalusian Hebrew poetry is one of the richest and least known literary facets of the Hispanic Middle Ages. Converge is the particular history of the Jewish people with social and cultural circumstances that take place in al-Andalus, especially from the early Caliphate of Córdoba. During this period the Spanish-Hebrew poets were provided the conditions that allowed the rapid awakening and blossoming of his poetry in one of the moments of greatest splendor that has known the Jewish people in any country in the world.

Hebrew poets of al-Andalus is the first anthology of Andalusian Jews who appears in Spanish. It contains a selection of poems of the twelve most representative authors of the X-XII centuries, among which Semu'el ibn Nagrella ha-Nagid, Selomoh ibn Gabirol, Moseh ibn Ezra and Yehudah ha-Levi. All texts have been translated directly from Hebrew, looking for total fidel...read more



Book: Poetas hebreos de al-Andalus

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