Política de los cuerpos

Emancipaciones desde y más allá de Jacques Ranciére

Política de los cuerpos - Laura Quintana - Herder
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Why do precarious people choose, again and again, for political visions that sharpen their marginalization? Why do they end up blaming vulnerable circumstances like them for their circumstances, and instead of recognizing the social conditions that affect them. Critical perspectives of critical theory have tended to answer these questions highlighting how certain ideological mechanisms, which would have been thoughtlessly incorporated into the bodies more weakened, they would be blinded to their conditions and interests.
Carrying out an original interpretation of Jacques Rancière's thought. but also going beyond this, Politics of the bodies builds another horizon of reflection: the lack of critical agency today has to do, more than with deception and manipulation with a loss of the desire for transformation caused by some dynamics of contemporary consensualism . This book offers...read more




Book: Política de los cuerpos

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