Por una vuelta al socialismo.

O cómo el capitalismo nos hace menos libres

Por una vuelta al socialismo. - Gerald A. Cohen - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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With great ease, critical lucidity and humor, the renowned philosopher Gerald Cohen argues in this book the need to overcome the predatory nature of market societies. The texts for a return to socialism are an attack on capitalism: demonstrate that widespread belief that this system offers greater freedom to individuals is based on a number of misconceptions. Indeed, what freedom is that which makes us slaves of consumption and unsatisfactory work? Are we free to accept a poor job when our alternatives are collecting unemployment insurance or beg lean? Are we free when money affects our chances?   The book includes two messages for the Socialists. The first is that they can not grant the right capitalist monopoly on the defense of freedom. Cohen demonstrates, using good examples and best reasons, that freedom which defends the conservative liberalism is an inconsistent ideal and that ...read more

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Book: Por una vuelta al socialismo.

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