Predecir lo impredecible

¿Puede la ciencia pronosticar sismos?

Predecir lo impredecible - Susan E. Hough - Grano de sal
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Grano de sal
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Tapa Blanda

"No, science cannot forecast a particular earthquake. Seismology - that hybrid science where physics, geology, risk analysis converge - has sought to explain how movements in the earth's crust are unleashed for, among others objectives, to know when and where these shocks will occur, but to date there is no reliable method to predict tremors Susan E. Hough presents in this work the main attempts of scientists in various parts of the world — from Italy to China, from Peru to Alaska - in anticipation of earthquakes that could endanger people's lives. Seismologist herself, the author explores myths about predicting tremors — from atypical behavior of animals to the appearance of mysterious lights in the sky, from change in groundwater levels to the emanation of certain gases — and the theories that have been developed to create early warning systems to prevent With California as the more


Book: Predecir lo impredecible

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