Psicoanálisis y Religión en el siglo XXI

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Psicoanálisis y Religión en el siglo XXI - Black  Margaret J. Black  - Herder
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How do religions in psychological terms? What is the nature of religious experience? What religious stories or distort convey psychological truths? These are some of the questions that David Black and a large team of collaborators from different schools and movements discussed in Psychoanalysis and religion in the twenty-first century. Long gone Freud's rejection of religion considering the universal obsessional neurosis and today the discussion revolves around the relationship between psychoanalysis and religious traditions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jewish tradition itself Freud._x000D_
With David M. Black (editor), have collaborated in this work Rachel B. Blass, Ronald Britton, Rodney Bomford, Malcolm Cunningham, M. Fakhry Davids, Mark Epstein, Stephen Frosh, Francis Grier, David Millar, Michael Parsons, Jeffrey Rubin, Neville Symington and Kenneth Wright.



Book: Psicoanálisis y Religión en el siglo XXI

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