¿Qué Iglesia quería Jesús?

¿Qué Iglesia quería Jesús? - Herbert  Haag - Herder
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The crisis in the establishment of the priests of the Roman Catholic Church is clear. The lack of priests, no Eucharist communities, celibacy, the ordination of women are problems - although not the only-that characterize a large extent the current misery of the Catholic Church. The crisis of the Church will continue for as long as this afternoon have a new constitution._x000D_

"... a Church which is also responsible for this ministry with joyful humility into account that the Spirit blows where it wills, which is installed between them by way of lease exclusively by inheritance, the charismatic - you can never fully reglement - form part the Church as necessary as the ministry that he never identified simply with the Spirit and can never be replaced ... The pastor should remain pastor, but this can not treat their sheep as sheep.
Karl Rahner

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Book: ¿Qué Iglesia quería Jesús?

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