Reflexiones sobre un presente acelerado

Regiones económicas, subdesarrollo e izquierda

Reflexiones sobre un presente acelerado - Ugo Pipitone - Catarata
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Tapa Blanda

The magic of the turn of the century is found in these pages woven together with the observation of changes aimed at modifying the anatomy and physiology of the world of the coming decades. Will the National State remain the decisive center of political life in the years ahead? Is the North American Free Trade Agreement inserted into a historical perspective similar (or comparable) to that of the European Union? At the end of the 20th century, has Latin America found the ultimate course to escape underdevelopment? Has the left understood the depth of the changes in our time that force it to be thoroughly renewed? These, and others, are the questions that go through a book that is a record of facts and disjunctions of our accelerated present.


Book: Reflexiones sobre un presente acelerado

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