Salomé - Oscar Wilde - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte

Salome, Wilde's tragedy is perhaps his most effective play, although not recognized. More than 100 years after it premiered, and without the author had seen ever brought to the stage, we are confronted with a question that mankind has made over the centuries: what is the limit of love? Even more: you do love a limit?

The translation in this volume offer was made by Juan Tovar. As a playwright, the dramatic tension as an indispensable norm thinks; however, it reveals above all the care they took to respect, to its logical conclusion, the original end of the staging. If the beauty of this modern tragedy is easily perceived in a scenario Salome itself and in its dance, its counterpart on paper found in the original text of Oscar Wilde and graphic dance: the delicate and poetic translation of Juan Tovar.


Book: Salomé

ISBN: 9786077694205