Renaturalizar la tierra, el mar y la vida humana

Salvaje - George Monbiot - Capitán Swing
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Capitán Swing
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Tapa Blanda

To be an environmentalist in the early 21st century is to always be defending, arguing and recognizing the obstacles we face in our efforts to protect wild places and fight climate change. Wild is the lyrical and exciting story of George Monbiot's efforts to recommit to nature and discover a new way of life. In its pages it demonstrates how, by restoring and highlighting our damaged ecosystems on land and at sea, we can bring the wonder back into our lives. Without romantic ambiguity, we can simultaneously cure our "ecological boredom" and begin to repair centuries of environmental damage.

Monbiot offers us a fascinating tour around the world to explore ecosystems that have been freed from human intervention and which have been allowed – in some cases for the first time in millennia – to resume their natural ecological processes, while kayaking among dolphins and seabirds off more


Book: Salvaje

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