Sensus communis

Sensus communis - Anthony Ashley Cooper (3er Conde de Shaftesbury) - Pre-Textos
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This work could be called itself "the carnival imperialist political humanism"; or also "Ridicule in religion and politics" is dedir, the therapeutic effect of humor to the most serious diseases of religion and politics. Eventually titled the words to express that only the release of intelligence with all its potentials enable the other moral aesthetic perception as copresence that sonsiste on arrival. (...) In this work, originally social conception of human nature, the individual, further relates, its nature divinely visionary, with the resourcefulness of intelligence. Agustín Andreu Anthony Ashley Cooper, third Earl of Shaftesbury (1671-1713), in his letter / treatise on common sense or the ordinary and freedom of thought, is facing political philosophy guardian Locke, advocating a natural and common anthropology against a criptocavilnista anthropology (elected). Silenced, he and more


Book: Sensus communis

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