Siete ensayos de filosofía de la liberación

Hacia una fundamentación del giro decolonial

Siete ensayos de filosofía de la liberación - Enrique Dussel - Trotta
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This book contains seven works, reflections, essays, written in recent years. In them the function of the philosophy of liberation is made explicit as a philosophical-metaphysical and ethical foundation of the decolonial turn. Since its inception, at the end of the sixties of the last century, the philosophy of liberation had already begun the formulation of the decolonial turn, before its formal epistemological declaration, through its critique of Modernity and showing the ways of its overcoming.
Enrique Dussel now continues those glimpsed steps: from the three constellations of the process of liberation politics, in the spirit of a skeptical messianism, the critique of "the many modernities" or a recapitulation of the dialogue between Karl-Otto Apel and ethics. of liberation, passing through the notion of the analectic method and a study of the Marx of the "second century" more


Book: Siete ensayos de filosofía de la liberación

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