Sobre la reproducción

Sobre la reproducción - Louis Althusser - Akal
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The reproduction of the relations of production is the manuscript of Althusser drew his famous text, which appeared in La Pensée in 1970, Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses, presented here again in context, that usually an alleged scholarly exegesis he has hidden.
The author presents it in an orderly fashion conception of historical materialism, the conditions of reproduction of capitalist society and the revolutionary struggle in order to stop it.
This paper comes from another era. Bears witness to the splendor of the moment "68". Express certain opinions that, in part at least, can be judge and unsustainable. But it retains, four decades later, a singular force of theoretical and political provocation. We face a question that every day acquires a patent today: under what conditions, in a society that proclaims the ideals of freedom and equality, the domination more


Book: Sobre la reproducción

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