Sobre legislación e infanticidio (1780-1783) 

Sobre legislación e infanticidio (1780-1783)  - Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi - Herder
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Pestalozzi is a well known Swiss author and educator, but not so typical eighteenth-century intellectual embodying all the innovative spirit of the Enlightenment. A spirit that he, in his numerous writings, he tried to disseminate and extend also to the social, political, legal and cultural. Pestalozzi wrote a singular work on legislation and infanticide, never published until now in languages ​​other than German, and we are presenting today translated and edited by the sociologist of education, Professor Jose Maria Quintana. Perhaps, at the present time, the object of this book may seem a little alien: it would seem less to those who, as the author, had witnessed the appalling spectacle of public execution of some unfortunate infanticide. The Pestalozzi book interesting is how such a humanitarian as he discusses these cases, showing the extenuating causes concurred in more

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Book: Sobre legislación e infanticidio (1780-1783) 

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