Tao te ching

Tao te ching - Lao Tse - Herder
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«The Path that can be clearly described is not the Immutable Path. The name that can be spoken aloud is not the Immutable Name. With your mouth closed, leaving things undefined, you find yourself at the beginning of the universe. Establish definitions, and then you are the measure of all creation.

The Tao Te Ching is one of the most influential books in human history. This text, of which there are several versions, is a compilation of 81 passages written by the sage Lao-Tzu / Laozi, although some historians doubt its authorship. The title could be translated as "the Canon of the Path and Virtue" or simply as "the Book of the Way."

Taoism is an ancient system of philosophy and ethics that is very important in East Asia, but its influence extends throughout the world and is evident, even today, in art, literature and philosophy. This system serves to live in harmony with t...read more


Book: Tao te ching

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